Pre-Race Jitters…


(Thank you to Danielle from the SBM Army for overnighting me the tri top!)

Every night before a race is mental hell. I get a case of the “I can’t”s and I struggle with convincing myself that *I CAN*. I rush around frantically making sure my gadgets are charged and ready, that I have my transition bag fully packed with everything I could possibly need to swim, bike, and run, that my bike is ready and gearing properly with no tire issues. I lay out my tri kit and make sure I don’t forget to put the necessities by it, too (Button Hole, Tri Slide, Body Glide, etc).

Tonight I realized it’s going to be a BRISK 46⁰ during the race. Uhhhhh…. I’m not sure on the water temp. I think last I checked it was about 68⁰ but that is likely to drop. I’ve only swam in my wetsuit once. It was a great swim, but still, makes me nervous.

So, here I am at 11pm the night before freaking out. My bag is packed. My bike is ready. My husband and kids are prepped and sleeping. Here I sit.

I know that no matter what, tomorrow will be great. Deep down, I know this. I just need to get the monster in my head to understand that.

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