Turning in my zombie card

I’ve worked night shift jobs for 11 years. That’s a really long time for me, seeing as how I’m (only) 29 (for another week).

I started my new day shift hours yesterday and it’s quite the adjustment. I’m not used to being completely alive and functioning during the day. Typically, my schedule was that I’d work 6pm until 230am (or later), sleep from 430am-730am, get Aidan ready for school and on the bus, get Cora up and ready, go workout from 9am-12pm, have lunch, nap with Cora from 1-3ish, get ready for work and do it all over. That is exhausting just to read, isn’t it?!

Days off were nice because I only worked 3 days per week, but I often worked weekends and my days off involved being fairly exhausted due to lack of sleep. I was slowly killing myself.

It’s only my second day of being on “normal people” hours but I’m struggling. I know it will take a while to adjust. I haven’t been able to make myself get up and workout before going in. I know I need to. I have a freaking MARATHON coming up! Oh, and another Olympic triathlon.
I went after work yesterday to a Les Mill’s Body Attack class. It wasn’t quite “recovery” from this last weekend’s tri, but I’m always good for some intensity.

The real point to this is getting myself some accountability. So, here it is:
I’m setting my alarm for 530am.
I’m not pressing snooze.
I’m going for a run.

I’m turning in my zombie card.


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