Benchwarmer. That is me.

I knew that the pain I was having wasn’t good. I really knew it wasn’t good when it started to be accompanied by swelling and bruising. I had the Indianapolis Half Marathon two Saturdays ago. It went SO well. I felt great before and during the race. I PR’d by over 7 minutes.

Then, a couple of hours after the race I noticed the pain. It was along the lateral side of my left foot. It wasn’t severe, but definitely there. I iced, took naproxen, and rested (for a day).

I went into the 5 mi race this past Saturday not sure if it was a good idea.

Turns out it wasn’t.

I woke up this morning and as soon as I stood in the shower, I had to take the weight off my foot. I looked down and noticed bruising to the bottom of it.


I knew this was a bad sign.

I called around to several sports medicine offices to see who could get me in the soonest. I got lucky and found that the office close to my work had a lunch-time appointment available and promised they could get me in and out quickly.

I went in and the sports med fellow doc poked and prodded around my foot a bit and seemed slightly perplexed. He conferred with his superior and sent me for an X-ray. Great.

What seemed like an eternity, but was actually less than an hour, passed and the sports med fellow doc, athletic trainer, and attending doc all entered the room. They pulled the X-ray up on the screen and…


There it was. Glaring at me.


A fracture.

The first word out of my mouth certainly wasn’t pleasant.

It’s all across the cuboid bone. Fun.

So, I left in a walking boot and with crutches and with the stern orders to be NON-WEIGHT BEARING. Do they not realize how hard it is for a busy girl like me to be non-weight bearing?

There’s the pool and the bike. Well, the stationary bike. They will be my friends as this heals.

As for the Monumental Marathon I’ve looked forward to all year? I’m out. I’ll be warming the bench and cheering from the sidelines. To say I’m broken-hearted is putting it lightly. I was looking forward to the first in the series of medals over the next 4 years. I was looking forward to my first marathon. I was looking forward to trying to break 4 hours. Bubble busted.  

I’m hoping that I will be able to compete in 6 weeks at the HITS Tri in Palm Springs. I’m begging the docs. I’m begging my body. We will see what happens.

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