Success is not measured in pounds.

Let me say it again.


Something has been weighing (pun intended) on me recently. Over vacation, even during training, I gained weight. Nothing overly significant, less than 10 pounds, but still. Even when the scale tips north one half of a pound, it gets to me. It *might* have had something to do with a sudden increase in my tacos and beer consumption, but still…
I’m sure it’s a similar story for many women. Why? Well, because this thing called “society” says so. We are never good enough. We are always too fat, too skinny, too muscular, too flabby, too light, too dark, too… You get it.


With that, let me tell you this.

You’re perfect.

You know why? Because you’re NOT perfect. Stop the comparing. Stop the whining. Stop the “I’m not good enough talk”. YOU, yes you, ARE PERFECT.

Think about what you’ve done. Think about your goals. The only comparing should be from where you came from to where you are. Think about it. Where did you start? Where are you headed? You better not be going backwards. If you aren’t going backwards, that means you are making PROGRESS and progress *IS* success.

In the words of Meredith, “JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD”.


You are competing against YOU. That’s it. If you’re reading this and you’re not a triathlete, this goes for you, too. This goes for LIFE, not just triathlon. You are competing against, guess who….


While at the HITS Palm Springs Championship, I met an awesome fellow Swim Bike Mom Army member. She was there competing in her VERY FIRST triathlon. She rocked it. She never gave up. Even after coming back from the bike and needing her inhaler for asthma complications, she didn’t quit. She recovered and finished STRONG. She was now an official TRIATHLETE! I was so proud of her.

I had taken a few photos of us together as well as during her race. I sent them to her after. And, I was so incredibly heartbroken by her response. She said “That’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I look at myself in those pictures and it’s hard to enjoy it. I’m so big.

SAY WHAT?! You just did a TRIATHLON!

Success IS NOT measured in pounds.

She had told me about the 58 lbs she had lost prior to completing the race. She beamed with excitement as she crossed the finish line. She had accomplished these amazing things. But what clouded all of that? She was unable to relish in her much-deserved success. Why? Because “I’m so big”.

I’m here to tell you that I personally saw her that day. I did not see anything “big” other than her amazing accomplishments and her awesome attitude.

Going forth, into the new year, let’s all make a pact. Let’s put aside that inner voice that tells us we aren’t good enough. Let’s move forth with a passion. Let’s move forward and leave the excuses behind. There’s only one person that you need to go after; only one person you need to overpower: YOU.


Now go get her.


3 thoughts on “Success is not measured in pounds.

  1. Christina Chidley

    Hey Reeb! It’s me, Christina from the HIITS triathlon. I can be so thick headed sometimes! I just love your support and friendship! I need you to know that. You are so awesome, and I love following your journey here.
    I had been training like crazy (you know how it goes), completely ignoring the VERY obvious clues set before me. —Punchline-Spoiler— Turns out I was pregnant!!!!
    You would think, that after 7 kids, I would’ve been able to figure it out by now??
    The morning sickness, my brain mistook it as race jitters or nervousness??
    The puffiness?? Of course! body making adjustments for whats to come! Duh!
    The missed period?? HELLO!!
    I now look back at those pictures in a very different way. I am so proud of them, knowing that this baby had his start racing a triathlon! I feel awesome! …and I’m so grateful to have met you. (((big hugs)))


  2. Heather

    Oh her comments are so familiar. I completed my very first sprint tri last summer with my amazing sister and another excellent friend. It was SPECTACULAR! I felt AMAZING. Strong, determined, proud, healthy. Then, I saw pictures. Of me. Looking big. And, in my messed up head, gross. All the positive incredible feelings flew out the window. My sister made a book for me of our journey. I’ve looked at it once. I can’t look at it right now. My goal – I’m combining 2 blog topics – is to rework the crazy tapes in my head about my body. I’ve had 4 babies. My hips are wide because I’m a mother! My boobs sag because I fed my babies! My stomach is covered with pridemarks from each pregnancy. It is a daily battle. Thank for this post. I am so much more then the numbers on the scale and the size of my clothing. I have to remember that. ♡


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