Year of the Phoenix


 (Painting by Shadow)

It’s been almost a year ago that I lost my home, pets, and belongings to a house fire. A month later I lost my dad to suicide. I also had health issues and had surgery in November to have a softball-sized mass and my gallbladder removed. Needless to say, I took a bit of a hiatus from triathlon, blogging, or really anything else.

Despite all the set-backs and life-altering events, I still participated in the Try Tri race by Racemaker Productions  and somehow won overall female. I completed the TOUGHman Indiana Aquathon (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike) and was 2nd in my group. I also did one of my favorite races– the Go Girl Triathlon last August. So my idea of a hiatus isn’t TOTAL avoidance, but is certainly less than what I desire.

Over the past year of struggle, I unfortunately gained back 30 lbs–mostly bacon and booze–and lost a great deal of the fitness I had worked so hard to achieve over the past three years. I let the things I endured DEFINE me. I let them CONSUME me. Tip to the wise: eating your feelings does not work. Drinking them doesn’t work either. Most things that feel good in the moment do not feel good in the long-term. Lesson learned.

Here I am, the start of a new year and trying to make plans. Do I take it easy? Slow? Ease back into things for a year or so? That would make the most sense. That would be the logical thing to do.


IRONMAN Florida.


Yeah, that sounds good!

So I started back swimming, biking, and running. I’m slower than usual. I’m sorer than usual. But, I am DOING it.

(I still hate getting up early just the same, though, just so you know. I don’t expect that to change.)

I start back with my amazing coach, Brant, from Dream Big Triathlon Coaching  next month and then things will really get REAL.

My dreams may be crazy. My methods may be crazier. Failure is even a possibility. But I would rather try and fail than to wish I had tried. Quitting is not an option.

Here is to rising from the ashes.






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