Being 3D

In 2013, I couldn’t imagine myself even walking further than to my mailbox. I would be that annoying person waiting for the car to pull out of the first parking spot so that I didn’t have to walk another 10 feet from the open spot a few places down. Wait, I kind of still do that. Anyway…

My point is that I came from not thinking I was even capable of walking any amount of distance. After gaining some strength not only physically, but mentally through group fitness I started running. After I realized it wasn’t killing me and I actually survived my runs (and races!) I began to really enjoy it. 27dea8cb54d4dffc11659873ae8bf4fb

I realized quickly that I was HAPPIER. I still had all the same stresses in life: money (lack of!), bills, marriage, kids, life in general, etc. But, I was HAPPIER. What changed? I got it all out on the road. I worked through everything in my head during runs. I probably look like a raving lunatic sometimes because I will laugh, cry, and sometimes just be a blubbering mess through a run. I let it all out.

Then, I decided to be a TRIATHLETE. What the what?! Yes, a triathlete. Call it spur of the moment because it was. It was a random post on Facebook about Swim Bike Mom. It caught my attention and I read about her. Wait, she’s a mom **AND** a triathlete? Wait, she works? Wait, she’s married? Wait, she started as an overweight person that couldn’t swim, bike OR run? Hey! I can do that!

And there it was. I had made the DECISION.


You see, all things in life are decisions. We can’t control things that happen to us, but we DECIDE what we do in response. I’ve been through an abusive relationship. I’ve been through an ex husband who was a drug addict who died from his decisions. I’ve been through pregnancy loss and infertility woes. I’ve been through dark times and sadness. No matter what life has thrown at me, no matter how good or how bad, it’s always been my DECISION as to how I was going to react. It’s not always rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns pooping pure gold, but your decision as to how you react is what forms the future. I decided to make my future something different. Something that, no matter what happened, would bring peace. Triathlon does that for me.

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