Favorite Run Gear


I have spent the past two years wearing Newton Fate, but have most recently been running in (and loving) the On Running Cloud shoe.

Shoes are SO personal and body-specific though. My best advice is to go to a running specialty store and get professionally fit. Go somewhere that has a great return policy for if you run in them and HATE them. If you’re local to Indianapolis, definitely go to The Runners Forum.  There you can get fit, a gait analysis, and if you run in and hate the shoes, return/exchange them within 30 days.

Sports bra:

Anything Moving Comfort brand. Seriously. Whether you are a barely A cup or a quadruple H, they make something that will hold the girls in and make your run comfortable.


I absolutely LOVE these shorts made by Nike that have built in tight shorts under them. Any other shorts I wear, it doesn’t matter how much Body Glide I wear, I chafe. These prevent that.


Jabra Sport Pace

I originally  bought an older version on an open-box deal from Amazon for $40 and loved them. When I went to replacing things after the fire, these were a must. And, the updated version is AMAZING. These are bluetooth headphones that offer great sound quality, excellent battery life, and on-ear buttons for pause, skip, and volume. They also come with several tip options to fit even your weird ears.

***Remember–you CANNOT  wear headphones or have ANY electronics (including phones, mp3 players, etc) during any USAT sanctioned event.

Water/nutrition belt:

I love my Nathan Speed 2. It holds two 9 oz water bottles, my phone, my car key, a couple of gels, and probably more if I tried. The bottles are easy to open and close for on-the-go filling during longer races. It doesn’t flop around. And, it’s comfortable to wear.

I also have a 4 bottle version for the longer days.


Spi belt. It holds all the other crap.

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