Indianapolis Half Marathon 10/18/2014


I signed up for this race last minute, spur of the moment. That means I paid way too much for it. You know how the race people do…pay $50 a year in advance and if you wait until race day before you pay $1,000,000. Ok, maybe it was $79, but still.

I hadn’t done proper “half marathon” training for this race. However, I had been doing plenty of triathlon training and thought that would suffice. I was somewhat on track.

I went to packet pickup, Cora in tow on my hip. All she wanted was a Dum Dum sucker. Of course the Expo is always full of people from upcoming events. They know we are all crazy lunatics addicted to racing, don’t they?! I ended up signing up for the Carmel Marathon (the full) for April 2015 and the Indy Women’s Half in September 2015. I ended up paying $100 for both, not bad, considering I’d just paid $79 for the half I was doing the next day.

I met some awesome ladies at packet pickup and we talked about my journey from being overweight and inactive to doing over 30 events in one year. The girl from the Carmel/Indy sign up booth gave me a shirt from the previous year’s event. Then I met some girls from the State Farm booth that had been making free t-shirts with fun slogans. I ended up making it there JUST late enough to miss the fun. But, they did have a XL left that said DON’T QUIT with the letters in just the right colors that DO IT was highlighted. Kind of cool. I’ll make Jeff wear it some time.

I didn’t get as many butterflies as I normally do before races, which was nice.


I had intended for this race to only be for fun as a training run for the Monumental 26.2 coming up on November 1st. I woke up just in time to grab the kids and rush out the door. I rushed to get to the event, only to show up 31 minutes prior to gun time. Maybe the butterflies would’ve been good afterall.

Of course when I got there, I realized how bad I had to pee. Apparently so did everyone else.


It got to be 5 minutes to race time and I still had about 10 people in front of me at the port-o-potties. I knew I couldn’t make it 13.1 miles without going, though. Luckily, it was a wave start. I figured worst case scenario, I’d just be running with the walkers. No biggie. I finally made it up to the front, did my business, and made it to the starting line. I made it up to Corral A and got in place to start with 1 minute to spare.

I didn’t have any plans in place for my pace. I just figured I would do whatever felt good. If that meant 12 minute miles, then so be it. If that meant 6 minute miles, then, hey. (Please, can that happen sometime?!)

I seeded myself behind the 1:45 pacer with the intention to fall back. My last half finish and PR was at 1:58:17. I didn’t anticipate a PR at this race. Again, it was just for fun and training.

I started the race and got through the first couple of miles at 8:20-8:30 pace. I felt great. So, I kept it up.

The race course was GORGEOUS. I could never trade in my beautiful fall with my 4 seasoned crazy Indiana weather for a warmer climate simply because of these COLORS. Yes, I took photos WHILE running.



Around mile 4 there was a slight hill and I slowed a bit to 9:00 pace. I picked it back up to 8:10-8:40 pace for the next few miles and by mile 9 when I have historically hit my “oh my God is it over yet” phase, I ended up somehow hitting a second wind. I even had an awesome thing happen. I wear a Nathan water bottle belt and was running past a water station and filling my bottle. All while running, I opened my bottle, refilled it, and screwed the cap back on. Then, as I was running past, I flung the cup, only to actually MAKE it into the trash can several feet away! Boom. Yeah, I guess you would’ve had to be there.


I had seen the 1:55 pacer in front of me for the past few miles and thought there was no way I was right behind her, she had to have been running slow or something because I ended up passing her. Around that same time, I also was passed by a kid who was maybe 10 years old, if that. That little dude was booking. Go little dude!

I just kept going with it. I picked up my pace and my last mile ended up being 7:47. I hate when I realize I could’ve ran faster the entire time. My official finish time was 1:51:13.


I had PR’d by over 7 minutes on a hilly course! How that happened is beyond me. And, the fact that I felt like I could’ve gone even faster is insane.


I left the race and immediately went to Long’s Donuts.


If you’ve never had Long’s I recommend you come visit Indianapolis just for them. They’re THAT good.


I don’t recommend going into a bakery immediately following a half marathon. Not only do people look at you funny for being all sweaty and having a race bib on, but you want one or five of everything. Those two, er, four, donuts I ate post race were amazing. Then I took a nap. Great recovery, plan, right?

All of the good things considered, I’m still paying for my lack of “proper” training. My plantar’s fasciitis in my right foot is acting up and something new is going on in my left. I’m having pain along the lateral aspect kind of midway. I’m guessing it’s some peroneal tendinitis, but I’m no doctor. I’m icing and taking naproxen and hoping it disappears soon.


(ignore the lack of a pedicure…remember, I’m a broke triathlete)

I have a 5 mile racing coming up Saturday I’d like to win my age group in and then the Monumental the following weekend. Looks like I’ll be hitting the weights and the pool this week and saving the high impact for a few days. I don’t have time for injuries! (Who does?)

All in all, it was a great race and I would love to do it again. It was kind of chilling, though, for me to realize that I shouldn’t really sign up for next year because it’s the weekend after IM Lou. Crap. It’s already seeming like it’s not very far away!

One day at a time.         


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