Martha’s Kitchen 5K, Thanksgiving Day 2014, Palm Desert, CA

This race was to be a “fun run”. Well, to me competing is fun. So, I competed. I trained smart,  under the guidance of Coach Brant while recovering from my recent injury. I slowly worked up to running again and did a little bit of race pace/speed work.

I found a pretty sweet running store in Palm Springs called Running Wild. They carried my Huma Gels!


Race day came and I felt pretty darn good. I had my normal pre-race banana and my normal “stand in line at the port-o-potty until 5 seconds until race start.”

The field was pretty big and intimidating, but I was just doing it for “fun”, right? 🙂

There were many people there that were obvious hardcore competitors and many that were there just to be there and enjoy it. Once the race started, it was easy to discern the two. Talk about FAST people! My previous PR was 22:15 for a 5K. My plan/goal was to end up under 22 minutes. As long as it was 21:something I was fine.

I was right on track with my first mile at 7:03. I planned to negative split the next two. Well, mile two came and I was at 7:23. Dammit.

All of a sudden I’m expecting mile 3 to show up and out of nowhere is the finish line. I chicked the guy in front of me and said “is that really the finish line?!” (to which I got a pretty shitty look as I left him in my dust) I glanced down at my watch and I was at a solid 5:30 pace so I just booked it all the way to the finish. I look up at the finish line clock and see 19:49 in big red LED numbers. What the hell?! No way.

So I look down at my watch and yep, my stop time was 19:49. I **KNEW** I did not run *that* fast.

Technically I PR’d, but the distance on my Garmin was only 2.78 mi. After confirming with others that had the same watch on the distance, I settled with my PR having an asterisk. So, new PR of 19:49*

*for 2.78 miles

Had it been an actual 3.12 mi race, it would’ve put me somewhere close to my goal. The only way to know is to try it again.

I placed 3rd in my age group. I should’ve driven the 30 minutes over to Palm Springs, though because the winning overall women’s time was 1 minute slower than my previous PR. I’ll research race sizes better next time! Ha!

Oh well, fun run done.


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