Pleasant Run Run 10/25/2014

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I had heard of this run via a postcard I was handed at a previous race. A fun, relatively flat 5 mi course with a street fair, beer garden, and Halloween festival following? Absolutely! And, it was less than $20 to register.

I went into this race wondering if it was a good idea to do it. My feet have been my nemesis this last couple of weeks. Without knowing whether it’s something I just need to suck it up and deal with or if it’s something I should pay more attention to, I was unsure of which way to take it. I had iced and rested well for a couple of days. No impact, only swimming. And, I felt decent that morning, so I went for it.

I looked to my handy dandy KT tape for some support and I set out on my way. I always say beforehand that I’m just going to run for fun and not worry about my time. Of course, that changes every time I hit the starting line. I ran into the girl who had beat me in a recent 5K at the start line. I had high hopes of placing 1st overall woman there and she blew me away. I had read the previous year’s times and thought I had it. Then she showed up with her 19 minute and something 5K. That’s okay, though, I like fast people. We chit chatted and I told her she wasn’t allowed to be fast today. Yeah, she didn’t listen.

The first mile of the course was way off. I was only at 5 minutes and something when I hit the first mile and my watch said I was only at 0.7 mi. I knew I wasn’t running that fast. My first mile was 7:22. It was okay, but not as fast as I wanted to be. My feet were bugging me but not painful, just nagging. I hit mile 2 and my legs just felt TIGHT. I had slowed to 8:02 for that mile. Mile 3’s marker was way off as well and I was at 3.28 by the time I hit the marker. Mile 3 wasn’t bad, but I was not feeling as great as I was when I started. I was at 7:48.

Mile 4 seemed so long. I knew if I could make it to mile 4 that I could make it through just fine. I had been passed by a couple of girls that I desperately wanted to pass. One had horrible chicken-wing running form with flailing legs. I swore to myself I couldn’t be passed by someone with such bad form. But she did pass me. And, I couldn’t catch up. Then, another girl passed me and I thought she looked about my age. I kept telling myself that she was what came between finishing and placing in my AG. I was right. I never caught up to her and she placed 3rd in the AG. Mile 4 ended up being 7:52.

Mile 5 finally came along and I was hurting. My left foot by this point is begging me to stop. But, I’ve come this far, I can’t just quit. I ran the last mile in 7 minutes flat. I had parked close to the finish line and as soon as I saw my car, I just wanted to crawl into it and go home and nap.

I passed over the first set of blue mats and there was an older gentleman running along beside me. I decided to sprint it for the last 50 meters or so and challenge him. It was fun. I think I won, but I’m not sure. It would’ve been a photo finish. He came up later and thanked me for the fun finish.

This race lacked finisher’s medals, but it did have a free beer, which is almost as good. I enjoyed a hard apple cider and walked along the street fair, buying up lots of local goods. A friend came and met me with my kiddos and we walked around until Cora was desperate for a nap. A good nap for me, too, and ice on the feet did me well.


Nope. Still haven’t gotten a pedicure. Or shaved my legs. Sorry.

I’m not sure what happened with the times, but my watch had me at 38:05 for the finish. The preliminary results at the event had me at 38:02. Now, online, the results have me at 37:57. I’ll take it. I was 6/31 for my AG, 13/189 for women, and 64/369 overall. Not bad. Always progressing. One day at a time.

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